Who We Are

Who We Are

In II Corinthians 5:20 Scripture says that we are ambassadors of Christ and God is making His appeal through us. We want to be salt and light to those we are in relationship with.

As a congergation our Core Values are…



(Our Relationship with God)

Values: Because we believe that…

…every believer should pursue Jesus Christ as the first passion in every aspect of life.
…a desire to grow in Christ is normal for every believer.
…following God’s plans is the best possible place to be in life.
…when we gather for worship Jesus’ presence is what brings transformation.
…faithful, understandable teaching of the Scriptures is a powerful catalyst for growth in Christ.

We pursue Jesus as the driving passion in every aspect of our life.

A passion and hunger to seek Jesus first; a Christ-centeredness, with many studying the Word and being transformed through applying it.

Every NLF believer taking steps closer to God, recognizing Christ in every minute and detail of life.

NLF men aggressively pursuing their spiritual lives and the things of God.

A widespread recognition of the goodness of following God’s plan.

A knowledge and strength of spiritual war such that people experience rapid and decisive victories, spiritual attacks, and temptations.

Corporate worship such that no one has missed an encounter with God; and eagerness to worship because we anticipate that we, and people we invite, will encounter God when we gather.



(Our Relationship with One Another)

Values: Because we believe that…

…followers of Jesus should saturate every relationship with His love, caring and value for all people.
…honesty and humility with other followers of Jesus will lead to life-changing victory.
…followers of Jesus should eagerly engage His purposes with their gifts and talents in unified work alongside others.

We are real in doing life together, led by the Spirit to care for one another.

NLF families living an abundant life together in Christ; full, deep alive marriages, not just avoiding divorce

Community support among families with children, such that families and marriages are healthy.

Members hungering for community together and for kingdom activity, serving each other in times of need; every person intentionally connecting with others, such that no one goes through a crisis alone.

A church-wide transparency and vulnerability that results in victory in Christ.

Spirit-led encounters in our conversations and relationships that empower people.

Openness and freedom in worship without condemnation.

Everyone valued with a role in ministering through the Holy Spirit to others; each person, young and old alike, using their unique gifts, engaged in the Kingdom, and ready to be used of God.

Leaders who are confident and clear, empowered by vision and values, who know what to do when to do it so that there is great impact for Christ.

Young leaders identified and raised up as strong and effective leaders; generations supporting each other.



(Our Relationship with the World)

Values: Because we believe that…

…God wants us to joyfully take the Good News of Jesus everywhere we go.
…followers of Jesus should saturate every relationship with His love, caring and nd value for all people.
…when full of Christ, our lives, homes, marriages, and work will be winsome and a blessing to others.

We radiate the transforming power of Jesus to everyone we meet.

A church of real, down to earth people who genuinely care and who live what we say; every NLF believer demonstrating a glowing, vibrant, attractive life.

Every NLF member living evangelistically in their home and work; members carrying the presence of Jesus everywhere we go, then gathering to share how God used us in our conversations and our workplace all week.

Every newcomer that walks through the door experiencing God’s love, value, joy, purpose, and excitement.

An openness to all who need God, that no matter what mess they’re in people will find love and help to experience an abundant life, experiencing the fullness of God, and a mind transformed by hope.

Unchurched/unsaved adults giving their lives to Christ.

A thriving cross-cultural community (Haiti) transformed for Christ.

The people we send to serve beyond NLF bringing great blessing.